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    Here you'll learn all about the Kuhn Kids: their interests and hobbies, the people in their lives, their pets, and more. We've even included a photo album of all their pictures as they make their way through the wonderful journey of life.

    On this home page, we'll introduce our family and talk about our reasons for wanting a web site. We might ask you to put a picture of your family on this website...or just comment on the pictures that you especially like.


    What's New?

    10/27/07 - Added Patriot soccer pictures

    10/10/07 - Added Grace's soccer team pictures - Tinker Bells

    9/27/07 - Added Fall school pictures of the kids

    11/1/06 - Added new photos to Photo Album - San Antonio

    Please feel free to contact us with any comments or reactions to our site.

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